Saturday, November 20, 2010

Foodie Friday and Saturday

I am a major foodie...I never share this side of my life., which is lame considering it is a passion of mine. I grew up in a foodie Father is an amazing cook. (Like really really amazing, he has taught me so much. Our current telephone converstations nearly only are about cooking and sharing recipes.) I have also spent a little time working in a tiny exclusive catering kitchen assisting two ridiculously talented I learned even more. My BF is a major Wine dork adores food as well. We cook elaborate and simple dinners together and while eating and enjoying a delicious glass of wine (maybe even from a bottle that has been aged in his make-shift wine cellar) we discuss what we shall make tomorrow for dinner or in the future. We are such old souls....sometimes I feel so pretencious discussing wine and food. (But why should I?)

We have started a foodie blog together but we never get around to post anything on it. Poor neglected foodie blog, sad face. That project I am sure will pick up another day soon.

Next Friday we shall be celebrating our love turning 2 years of age. We have been planning and dreaming up what we shall like to have to eat for weeks. We have decided to have a romantic dinner at home instead of going out to eat at a fancy restaurant like we usually do on special occations. We plan on spending the day going to different markets to find yummy special ingredients for a perfect fancy seafood dinner. On the wish list is...

Swedish Oysters
Seafood paté
King Crab legs
Peel yourself shrimp
Caviar decorated canapés
Some yummy stinky cheeses
Freshly baked French baguettes
Oh and anything else that looks super yummy.
(We'll take two of those too please, heheheh!)
BF shall decide on the wine....a crisp white possibly.
I have also requested Chocolate Mousse for dessert with a sweet dessert wine to match.

Can't wait!

On the menu tonight is a delicious bouillabaisse.

I just adore the mix of rich flavors in this French classic. Saffran, orange peel, fennel, and a mix of fish and seafood, yumma! I just got home from the grocery store and just had to share. So excited to start fixing in the kitchen.

I am on a bit of a French kick. Yesterday I made French Onion soup. Turned out delicious. I sweated sliced yellow onions and shallots for an hour on low heat in butter, caramelized them in a little balsamic vinegar and then poured over a gorgeous dark beef stock and let it putter just a bit. 

I don't always go all out in the kichen. Sometimes Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes or a bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce is just what you need (homemade everything of course though!)

Have a happy weekend! What are your plans?


Jamie said...

Wow Kristina! Those soups look crazy good! Your 2 year meal sounds pretty amazing! Last night we had friends over and chilled on our deck then went to Taco bus. I had the best beer fried fish tacos! This morning I made a southwestern scramble and then today we are eating yummy sliders! Have a fun weekend! Take pics of your yummy food! I need inspiration!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Oh you got me salivating... Luckily am just cooking late lunch so not a problem. I love cooking as well, but don't really have any foodie friends (or BF) who I could enjoy this passion. After a hard days work (read when I actually have to go into the office :-)) I love coming home and cook something elaborate while sipping wine. Oh so so so good! Cooking is almost better than eating! :-)


emmakisstina said...

Jamie you are soooo Southern! hehehe Johan should post yumma food pictures soon.

Maya! Cooking IS almost better than eating. I think I enjoy the cooking part more...I guess this has kept me from becoming a bit round...unfortunately I think the BF enjoys the eating bit a bit more, hehe.

jane said...

that all sounds divine! I am a HUGE seafood lover myself. xo