Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green with Envy...

...for this girls talent.

Helene Ryden. She's a fellow Swede, a photographer, illustrator, and all around interesting lady. She has interesting fun vintage style and a super sweet apartment. I adore her blog and her portfolio site is just gorgeous as well. She was also featured on Etsy. Read her little 'Get the look' article here...

You should all take a peek!

Her photos and illustrations take you to another world. 

She inspires me to use a little more imagination...and dream a whole lot more.

Puss o Kram


hille said...

åh, tacktacktack! så himla söt är du!
men den bilden på skeppet är inte min, den var med i ett inlägg om flickr-favoriter :)

Unknown said...

oops! jag får fixa det där...ibland tittar jag bara på bilderna och glömmer att läsa texten.