Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

It seems this gray rainy yucky Monday morning that I am obsessed with all things softly lighted, small furry animals, ribbons and bows and pretty girlies with pretty dresses....but I think I possibly may always be obsessed with those sort of things.

A few of my favortites...


my yearning is my strength

l o

Of course I have plenty more and many of which I'd like to share so please take a peek at my flickr favorites. Most of my favorites are locked from being blogged...which is rather lame.

OH and fun news! My new website/online portfolio is nearly finished. I will reveal it sometime this week. It is too cute!

Puss o Kram


Melody said...


I love this one

hille said...

det här ser ju ut som mina favoriter på flickr! haha. finfint äre.

emmakisstina said...

Och det är de också, hee hee. Jag har snot dom!