Thursday, November 25, 2010


We of course don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden. Kind of unfortunate because I rather like the tradition. Growing up in the States I enjoyed just a handful of traditional American Thanksgiving dinners with close friends...otherwise we tried to recreate it at home even if my Father doesn't think it is the most exciting meal to create year after year. Tomorrow I shall make a mini Thanksgiving meal for the BF because he has never experienced those weird yams and roasted marshmellows (I must admit I think that is the best part of the meal, hehe.)

I am Thankful for many things...

- Being able to support myself doing something I love, illustration
- Rainy/Snowy days
- The best family and so many others who support me (Plus an fabulous extra family to be...BF's)
- The Internet
- My health, my family's health
- The color pink
- No drama... a calm life
- Meeting my Soulmate/bestfriend/partner in crime
- Blogs
- The people who adore my work, sweet Emmakisstina fans, hehe
- Being just 26
- A roof over our heads plus extra space for a little studio
- Heating!
- I am most thankful for my bravery to pack up and leave the States in 2008 so all of the above could come true!

What are you thankful for?

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

oh this is such a lovely post.
Am thankful for:
- a fact I have a job in a country were most people struggle with this
- that I finally decided to dedicate myself to illustration and am seeing such a great progress and...
- ... all the people I met during this
- my health and my family's health (as well)
Am not gonna take up your comments any further. cu around! xxx