Friday, November 12, 2010

Workin' it

I've been infront of the computer all day long! Working in photoshop fixin a few fun projects for Triian and Style is Everything. Though I adore the drawing process I adore using the computer just as much. I shall have to wait to show you the results but in the meant time you can take peek at my collection of spiral bound sketchbooks and notebooks I use in rotation to dream up and create all my illustrations.









Happy Friday! It is almost the weekend...not sure when one starts counting that the weekend has begun. I think I'll count from when BF walks in the door from a long day of work. Which should be soon. Eekk! I am such a fruit cake, I get so giddy. I still get super excited to see him even after almost 2 years. The honeymoon stage hasn't died yet...and I am making sure that it never will. I heart him!

My plans you ask?! Tonight we plan on enjoying a yummy super healthy candle lit dinner together and cozy up on our teeny couch and watch a movie after. We have been eating far too many stews and potatoes and rice and nearly no real veggies lately so I have planned a vegetarian vitamin packed feast. Roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin, served with kamut vete, mixed veggies, and a cashew marmalade. Something like that.

So far Saturday and Sunday are unplanned. I am hoping for more Autumn walks, friend visits, and maybe a visit to a museum. We'll see!

Happy Weekend! What are your plans?

Puss o Kram

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Felicity said...

I plan to work on new business cards, go for a walk, and spend time at my favorite cafe catching up with my pen pals. : )