Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today EmmaKisstina was featured on the gorgeously curated blog for independent designers and artists, Ammiki. I was so tickled not only just to be included but also in a different way. In many Etsy treasurys of the past my work has usually been grouped with French themed items, sexy lingerie, and tons of other girly things usually involving lots of pink and frills (which I adore too, don't get me wrong). I adore the modern simplicity of this curated gallery of quirky geometric artworks and designs with a blue/yellow/coral color scheme. Just gorgeous! It feels fresh, modern, fun, and even wintery...but not in a Christmasy kind of way...does that make sense? Like cool as in chilly not rad, hehe.

They have a fresh interesting blog as well.

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

very very cool! Congrats :-):-):-)


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