Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Attention...

I've been getting a lot of attention lately in the blog world and in Sweden! Best Christmas ever! I have been busy busy for months creating custom orders, answering emails and mini interviews, and filling lots of orders from seriously around the world. The madness of last minute orders and the such has finally calmed and I have my first free day today in weeks, what ever am I to do? My arms are sore from luging bags of materials back and forth from my home and studio and from delivering large framed prints from my home into the City (with two 100x70cm frames it wasn't the most enjoyable ride I've had on the subway and a rather stressful walk through holiday shopping crowded streets, which were covered in a thin layer of ice no less!)

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by a sweet fellow Swede and blogger Viktoria Love! Cutest name ever, after EmmaKisstina of course, hehe!

You can read the mini interview here...

(Tack så jätte mycket Viktoria för alla fina ord. Det var så kul att träffas också. Ser fram emot att se hur tavlorna kommer se ut i din lgt!!!)

I have also been featured on La Petiite Fashionista....another sweet girly blog.

I adore the photo in her chic.

Oh and in Serbia too.... bgdstyle. Thank goodness for Google I could read her kind words.

And a few others... but not need to show off too much. Not that I'm fishing for more attention or something, hehe.

BTW! It is Christmas Eve Eve, Yay!!!!

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Jamie said...

congrats Krissy! You are a swedish celebrity!