Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So I was going to get a head start today. I was going to be super productive instead of having a mini holiday vacation like I allowed myself. (I have noted that my Etsy store won't be in motion till after New Year...) but today I decided to take the train out to my studio to fix after Christmas orders which have been trickling in. But but but... I can't print out any of them since I have only two sheets of gorgeous photo paper left! What on earth! Why did I not write a note to self about the low paper situation! My time traveling an hour to the studio is not completely wasted. Instead of just turning around and returning home grumpy that I have lacking organizational skills... I'm Gonna Paint!!!

What you ask? OH I have been craving picking up a paintbrush and just mucking around. Feels so good and free compared to my strict, simple illustrations. So I have classic Rock 'n' Roll blasting from the stereo and am down on hand and knees (in my new sweater dress...whatever I'm an artist, haha) dripping, mixing, and mucking about in whites, pinks, blues, and yellows. Sound nice?

I looked at a few classic painters for inspiration before I got really started. I adore De Kooning, don't you?

So this is the look I'm going for, but not sure I'll get.

I may share my painting adventures with you later, if I'm pleased. Artists are so self critical, poo.

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Becky Chase said...

Yes, please share them! I wanna see!

- Becky