Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big in Brazil!

I love being featured on other's blogs, of course! But I especially adore being featured in far off lands such as Brazil! I just adore the internet, and that I can be all the way in ice cold Sweden drawing and posting pictures and someone else at the same time can being looking at my girly drawings on the otherside of the world in a warm delicious place such as Brazil. It is also super fun, with the aid of Google Translate to read the foreign posts and comments. I get to discover lots of interesting things about how people feel about my work (most of the time it is good!)

The other day I was featured on Just Lia, a popular Brazilian blog. The banner is super cute and sugary sweet. I adore the bubblegum blowing, so girly!

You can read (or translate of course if you can't understand Portuguese) the post here....

I want to go to Brazil!


Meagan Morrison said...

Wow, just wonderful!! Congratulations.

Julia said...

Hi! My name is Julia, I'm from rio de janeiro, Brazil's here!
Here in Brazil is very nice fashion. I love fashion too, it's all very colorful and fun.
Kisses: *