Wednesday, January 5, 2011


See! already I am working on my 2011 goal for better organization. Such a good girlie!

Today I have been working on my Etsy shop again. I have fine tuned my policy sections and filled my listings with even more information and a few new pictures of framing suggestions. I think it helps to see what the prints will look like on the wall, in a nice frame, and in different groupings and the such. I have also noticed that I get the same questions over and over so I am trying to solve this problem by making my information a little clearer. Hope it helps!

A few new photos of framed works, yay!



Photos taken at Polhem, Stockholm, Sweden.

It seriously takes a gagillion years to edit all my listings. I am going to be doing this all evening! Fun!

BTW, I have also renamed a few of my sections to make room for new projects and the such. They are now called...

ON MY VANITY: Perfumes and Make-up Products.
DREAM CLOSET: Purses, shoes, clothes, etc.
SEXY LADIES/ICONS: Hope to fill this section with more drawings of people especially many glamourous Old Hollywood Starlets like Marilyn, Audrey, Katherine, and Elisabeth.
DOMESTIC GODDESS: All things home, and cooking.
NOSTALGIA: Soon to be filled with retro inspired decade drawings and retro vintage objects of desire.
ORIGINALS: YES! Finally I shall start working on originals I promise!
LOVE NOTES: My cards and other paper goods.
WEDDINGS: Lovely custom wedding packages and cards. Maybe I'll come up with a few new designs this year.
CUSTOM WORK: Self portraits, dog portraits and other such requests made to order!

***I have room for one more section (a 10th section!!!) but this one shall have to stay secret for just a while longer. I am just bursting to share this project (I should say, collaboration really)! So excited!

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Good for you for taking this on! I realised I kinda got into a rut of just leaving things everywhere again, and I just got myself in order some time ago and was a "good girl" for a long time... Oh well, once again from the beginning! :-)))