Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Kristina...

Kristina of Kris Atomic has totally got a one up on the cuteness on me. Gosh! Her little gorgeous quirky girly illustrations of ladies with graceful long necks and candy colored hair, dressed in colorful carefully edited designer creations are just too cute to handle. Her attention to tiny details is just to die for also. So I am majorly majorly jealous of her talent. I adore her technique of half and half hand drawn and digital and have learned a lot from inspecting her works. I adore her idea of using a layer of a brown paper bag scan to add soft tactile texture to her drawings. I also adore that she never (or hardly ever) outlines in black. Her simple sketches in red and blue colored pencil may be my favorites. (I hope she won't mind if I try out a few of her techniques.)

Her webshop is freaking gorgeous I might add. You can see the brown paper bag-ness in the gorgeous wallpaper background too. Check it out!

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Aldina said...

Very cute! What a beautiful blog you have :)

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