Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashes of Pink...

I always miss blogging on Fridays for some reason. It's not as though I have a full schedule and lots of things planned, because I have not. I suppose I am just not as inspired on Fridays, though this is a bit of nonsense too. Haven't looked for new flickr favorites in awhile. It is difficult to not find inspiration while getting lost in a web of contact's contact's favorites gorgeous breathtaking dreamlike photos. Today I was only drawn to things with flashes of pink (though that is a rather often occurance, hehe).

Tonight I shall smear on a bit of fushia lipstick, put on my navy wool coat with my matching fushia leather gloves and fushia knitted round scarf and meet up with the BF when he finishes work. We shall have a date at the... get this... grocery store, glamorous I know. Aren't we sweet though?! Pleased by such small pleasures. Going to buy all the delicious things our hearts desire to fill our refrigerator for the weekend. Gonna plan a romantic at home Friday night dinner as well, so at least we get a little romance. Sharing a bottle of red is a must, maybe a juicy rare steak, a few stinky cheeses afterwords would be a good addition too. I shall set the table with oversided white glossy plates, thick white napkins folded just so, generously rounded shiny wine glasses, and of course longstemed black and white candles and many votives for that gorgeous gold glow. Our evening is starting to sound much nicer, because 'it's Friday, I'm in Love...' after all.

Have a really lovely weekend.

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Meagan Morrison said...

What a wonderful Friday night you had in store. I spent mine with a girlfriend dancing the night away which I suppose is ok too lol. New York has this amazing way of making you feel guilty for staying indoors, even when it snows :)