Friday, February 11, 2011

Role Models...

I just adore being featured on Katie Armour's blog The Neo Traditionalist. I adore her classic look and her audience of classy sophisticated quirky feminine ladies. She is such a role model for young women. (And myself... though I am getting majorly old. My 27th birthday is just around the corner.)

Speaking of role models... I hope I am a good one too. (I think I am, my Momma tells me so, teehee) I have been receiving a handful of emails from young girls asking me tons of flatteringly sweet questions about myself and how I got so good at what I do, as well as for some advice. I really take their questions to heart and take the time to answer as good as I can. It is so difficult giving advice. I don't know myself... I am still learning.

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g.m. said...

please don't say terribly old since i am getting there myself! (i know exactly how you feel though...)
i found your blog through the neo-trad and am so happy i did!