Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh no! My work and the work of other talented Etsy artists has been stolen by a fellow Etsyier and is being sold as their own. So unfair, outrageous, and just uncreative! I am pretty amazed that this person (no name calling of course) has the guts to straight up steal people's work and sell it for ridiculously low prices (low quality too), with out changing it one bit so that one could argue that it's their own. I am fine with people using my ideas. (I am by no means the first to come up with drawing Chanel perfumes or pretty things.) But this is just ridiculous! I have notified the other Etsy artist's who work I have recognized in this said fake shop as well as contacted Etsy's legal department.

What else can I do?


Tyler said...

That is horrible! I hope that person gets shut down.

Felicity said...

It was easy to find the person you're referring to and WOW! They've stolen some designs from Threadless artists as well. This is really bad, I hope you find a resolution.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Imagine. I am stunned every time people get a stupid idea like this. It's like stealing from your house and then selling it back on your street. WTF!?!