Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Whiteness...

I couldn't wait until Friday to show you a few of my new Flickr favorites... today in soft shades of winter white. Fitting considering it is snowing softly today in Stockholm.

I can't pick a favorite of the favorites. They are all just too beautiful, but I may have to go with the middle picture. I adore how her left eye peeks out from the whiteness of the rest of the picture. Gorgeous!

Sweden doesn't want to let go of Winter just yet. The days switch between melting and freezing temperatures. Ice patches turn in to slush the next day and then back to ice the day after that. I really wish the ice could just melt away. I am tired of walking so very very carefully, slipping every few steps and have nightmare day dreams of falling on to my right arm breaking it so that I can't continue drawing. eeek! 

But I don't mind Winter. I adore having the excuse of cold weather so I can stay inside all day playing with the computer or in the kitchen. When it is Summer and gorgeous, I feel bad wasting the sunshine. Thank goodness we only have nice weather a few months of the year, otherwise nothing would get done. This is also my theory for why there is so much Swedish talent. You are indoors for the majority of the year and have to keep yourself busy with something, such as music or design. The summer months is when we get a break for all the hard work and practising.... well worth it usually. Summers in Sweden are gorgeous (just as long as it doesn't rain.) Plus the deal is; if the Winter is going to be long and white then we are worth a warm gorgeous Summer. (You hear that Sweden... we deserve a warm Summer this year!)

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