Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working Weekends...

I can hardly count this as work because I adore drawing but I have been working on new drawings all weekend (I got pencil smudges on the backs of my hands to prove it).

 I have started a new theme/project... Decades! I've got major nostalgia for times that are not my own. (I have always been in love with retro style and old hollywood glamour but it's been possibly inhanced by lots of Mad Men marathons too.) I have starting drawing small still lifes to represent my favorite eras, 1920s thru 1960s. Each drawing subtly represents the style of each decade. Care for a peek?

Starting with the 60's and working my way backwards I've enjoyed doing my research and then drawing all the details. Hope it's accurate-ish. My favorite was finding old makeup ads to see what make up packaging looked like. The ads were so glamorous!

The 1960's

The 1950's

The 1940's

1930's and 20's to come. What do you think? I also want to do a series of old telephones, radios, and other retro household items.

Now I'm going to have a lazy Sunday afternoon! Going to brew some tea...


Jamie said...

so amazing. what about the 70's though? Thats my favorite era.

emmakisstina said...

sorry I hate the 70s. hehe

Nah maybe, like ABBA gold disco-ish... but not hippy.

80s is cool too. Forget about the 90s, what would I draw? combat boots?

Jamie said...

90's would be amazing! Doc Martins, eye liner, safety pins, patches, casette tapes, black nail polish.

70's is not all hippie (by the way I love hippie you big meanie!) disco, abba, blondie, Saturday night fever, plat form shoes, elton john sunglasses. So many possibilities!

emmakisstina said...

casette tapes are cool. I miss those. I loved taping my favorite songs from the radio, hehe.

I am such a meanie!