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I think I have blabbered about being a Domestic Goddess a lot, though I never really or very rarely come through with photos. (It's too much of a process really, and unless Sweden is cooperating with sunshine it is impossible to take pretty photos... thank goodness I'm not a photographer.) Okay, anywho, I bake a lot of bread. We don't buy that nasty fluffy store bought fakeness anylonger since I learned the worlds easiest bread recipe. (It is seriously easy peasy) I bake this or variations of this recipe several times a week... or do huge batches and freeze pre-sliced loaves. (See told you I was a domestic goddess, hehe)

I think I shall even share this time.

Easy peasy crusty rustic white bread loaf/baquette/small buns courtesy of Martin Johansson (Sweden's new bread king, hehe)

One can of course make gorgeous cuts before baking too looks even more professional.

3 grams fresh yeast
300 grams water
390 grams bread flour
6 grams salt

Seriously just blend together for 30 seconds, no kneading required, just before going to bed, cover with plastic and leave it out somewhere rather warm. When you wake up 8-10 hours later your bread has risen wonderfully and slowly since there was very little yeast. Then you just have to put your oven at it's hottest 250 degrees celsius in my case to pre heat. While, form the dough into a loaf, or baguettes, or smaller buns carefully, then let rise for 30 mins to an hour before shoving into the super hot oven. You know the dough is ready to bake when you poke it and your finger mark stays put. A loaf needs about 30 mins, baguettes 20, and smaller bun about 10. But you can see they are done when they have a nice golden color.

So freakin easy! I really enjoy the process, getting flour all over me and my kitchen and playing with the dough, and watching it get gorgeous in the oven. Eating freshly baked crusty bread surely beats anything else. I love the huge holes where melted butter can slide through and the warm baked heat the fills the kitchen. (I'm starting to sound like Nigella... I wish)

The next day when it is a smidge dryer, I enjoy it toasted with melty butter and some sweet honey drizzled on top.

Here I enjoyed it with some creamy warm egg salad. Yum!

Try it!

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