Monday, March 28, 2011


It's Monday! What a long weekend it has been. The start of Spring seems to have been forgotten as cool winds and even a little snow took over the city again, yuck! But this didn't deter us from eating the first ice cream of the season, nope, we had to try the year's new flavors. (Though I didn't enjoy it so much due to being majorly cold.)

On Friday I went to the illustration fair I mentioned the other day. I must admit I was rather disappointed. I thought there was going to be more prints, more people, more information about the artists and agencies... but there was only lots of piles of illustrated books, a few prints for sale and just a handful of people there looking. sigh, well at least people are trying to promote illustration more. I came home with a handful of pretty illustrated postcards at least.

On Saturday me, BF, and one of his friends explored Fotografiska museum, Stockholm's photographic museum. They had a few interesting exhibits hanging, we of course didn't enjoy all but it was still fun to see. The two main shows were of Albert Watson and Sarah Moon's works. We skipped the one about Children of Rape, just to disturbing.

Sarah Moon, I'm not so sure about you. Your works are dark and eery, and they are all out of focus. ?

Albert Watson, I quite like your clear, graphic, huge photographs of pop icons. Your works are dark but there is at least some humor stuck in there somewhere.

Happy Monday!

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