Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Fatty Tuesday!

Swedes like any reason to have a holiday, celebration or day off. Unfortunately Fatty Tuesday (or Fettisdagen as we say in Swedish) isn't huge enough for a half day at work but is an excellent excuse for stuffing your face with lots and lots of Semlor (a swedish cardamom bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar!) So today it is manditory to run over to the corner bakery and purchase a semla. Oh there is also of course a lot of talk who has the best Semla in town this year. All the newspapers have polls and taste testings. I wonder how many selmlor are sold? (I'm not much of a selma, dough nut, cinnamon bun type of girl. I'd rather have a chocolate bar or a bowl of chewy candies any day, but today since it is Fatty day, I can't refuse.) Sweden is awesome I know!!!

These gorgeous Semla photos were taken by fellow Swede Antonia of Swedish Love Affair, who I just discovered this morning. Her blog is just too cute. (She has really pretty hands and colored finger nails in all her dreamy photos, hehe.) 

When it come to Sweden I kind of live under a rock. I have no idea really who all the celebrities on the covers of gossip magazines are here, I don't know the names of the huge designers and famous artists and I am pretty unaware of what others are up to. I need to get into the Swedish know... But like with most things, the little gems in the blog world are kind of hidden behind the huge personalities. 

Anyone have any recommendations for me? (they don't have to be Swedish of course.)

Okay then, off to fill my cheeks with cream and almond paste goodness!

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Jamie said...

We celebrated Fat Tuesday this past weekend. I had my first kings cake and Nathan got the good lucky baby.