Saturday, March 5, 2011


My BFF just reminded me of my Neet Magazine contribution. I had been asked so long ago and keep quiet so long so I totally forgot. Such a pleasant surprise to see them finally published though! I adore drawing beauty items, pretty packaging is just about the best thing ever!

Neet Magazine really is a sweet magazine. I have wanted to be a contributor for a while now and finally got my chance. Go me!

You must check out the entire magazine (and I am sure you will...) but here is a little peek.

Can't you tell this is my page?

I love the open back on this dress.

That quill dip pen is gorgeous and those bicycle cards too.

I adore this illustration!

Such a stylish lady.

Oh look who it is?! 


Jamie said...

Before I knew they were yours I thought that someone was really biting your style. I love them. The nail polish's are perfect!

blissful chick said...

great work! i saw this the other day and thought, "i am sure i'm following this person's blog..."