Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Lovisa!

Dang some illustrators get all the luck! Super stardom, and dream projects. They of course work their booties to get there and are truly talented but still... I'm way jealous. I'm thinking of Liselotte Watkins, Garance Doré and Lovisa Burfitt. So Lovisa Burfitt has to be a favorite (though I adore them all equally). This Swedish illustrator now based in Paris (double jealous) has been in the game since 1997, and not only has illustrator in her title but designer as well.

She has now worked on a collaboration with Rörstrand a classic Swedish ceramics company designing her own line of illustrated mugs and plates with the cheeky French name Mademoiselle Oiseu. They are just too gorgeous and I do adore the pretty styling of the shoot, very Marie Antoinette! I am in love!

Her work is so simple, graphic, feminine, masculine, colorful, muted, minimal and expressive all at the same time.

I've got work to do... to catch up with these ladies.


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Wow.. really love this series that you just shared. Came to your blog through Etsy and I just ordered 2 of your prints ;)

Hope it will arrive soon to sunny Singapore.. can't wait!