Monday, March 14, 2011


If I had to choose one interior designer to make over my future dream home it would have to be or could only be the incredible Tricia Guild. Goodness gracious I just adore her interiors! I love the vibrant colors and unafraid approach to mixing colors and patterns. I also just adore that her spaces are over flowing with flowers. Going through the catalogs on designers guild and googling her projects this morning has been so inspiring. The colors have woken me up!

But I change my mind everyday it seems. Today I'm feeling like lots of color, fabrics, and patterns... but tomorrow I might thing a minimal space and muted palette would be refreshing and fit me better. How am I ever to choose?!

But since today is a color day here is some inspiration from Tricia's portfolio to share...

Step one, own home with lots of crown moulding and moulding and moulding.

I am starting to really be into yellow especially paired with light blue. So refreshing!

Purple and coral is nice too.

I am partial to blues and pinks so this my be a favorite. I would never have thought of having several different curtains in the same room or even on the same window, for that matter.

This graphic wallpaper is insane but the fruit color palette is sweet.


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I used to be crazy for all white apartments, but looking at these I see that the tide has changed. Looks perfect to me now. :-)


emmakisstina said...

though I get the all white thing, I can't imagine being able to stop myself from buying colorful pillows and other textiles, it is just too impossible.