Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I skip Mondays...

What an eventful fun perfect party weekend! Full of silly bachelorette party activities for a close friend spent in a little red cabin by the water on a gorgeous quiet island an hour from the city. And then of course a quiet birthday dinner with my favorite boy in the entire Universe. (or any Universe that has ever existed, or will exist. Take that!)

Monday was no fun to meet again I must confess! But now it is Tuesday and I am yet again on track with all my wonderful projects. Want to see some progress?

Finished 3 illustrations (the ink drawings that is, they just need some gorgeous digital coloring) for the Audrey Grace Boutique the other day. I'm quite pleased. Took seriously forever to draw and finish all the tiny details in all the pretty jewelry. Oh and 3 more to go too!

Miss Jaclyn of the Audrey Grace Boutique has also started a really gorgeous blog with lots of fun interviews with all the artists and designers she is collaborating with. You must take a peek! I adore the design too, by talented fellow illustrator Tabitha Emma.

She'll be doing a fun little interview with me too soon.

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