Saturday, May 14, 2011

In my Dreams...

The other day I read Elsa's gorgeous blog post about her dreams she'd like to make reality in the nearest future. You can read it here... I love how openly dreamy she is with her readers. Her life is full of colorful frilly dresses, love, and oysters (hehe). Seems as though she doesn't deny herself of any simple pleasures and is a serious moment collector (which I strive to be). I think she is such a free spirit and a great inspiration.

At night I dream the strangest things but during the daytime I dream even more. Sometimes I get so caught up in dreaming I miss out on the time I have to make these dreams reality.


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So here are a few of my dreams which I would like to make reality in the nearest future (or at least sometime in my life...)

- Go for more walks with Johan and his camera, and stop more often to find pretty details which we would otherwise probably miss.
- I would love to do one or a few fun collaborations with other creatives, such as; make pretty prints/patterns for a gorgeous clothing line who makes pretty dresses, or pretty illustrations for the packaging of a makeup line ohhh or lingerie line, or beautiful illustrations for ads and packaging for any up and coming girly company.
- Be featured in the glossy pages of my favorite magazines... and others I've never heard of.
- Start using brush and ink again. Offer gorgeously flowing original inked illustrations in my shop.
- Design girly wallpaper and matching fabric!
- I'd love to be able to have a few interns one day to help me organize my workload and day schedule. To help me reach out to new clients and project possibilities, and allow me to concentrate on making more art.
- Soooo want to start making more tactile products available in my EmmaKisstina shop. Things such as tote bags, scarves, or other small accessories or some paper products such as custom stationary or small notebooks (so others can jot down dreamy lists like this too.)
- Have a gorgeous little house and garden of our own where we can have lots of pretty smelling peonies and roses, a mini kitchen garden full of savory herbs and vegetables, a wine cellar to store all of Johan's aging wines, a bright studio where I can have space for all my inspiration and hundreds of drawings, oh and a huge kitchen to make extraordinary meals with space for a large dining table to enjoy the company of many dinner guests.
- Cook and eat more things I love even if they are a bit expensive. Things like artichokes, oysters, any seafood really, aged Italian salamis, cured meats, olives, and handmade pralines.
- Meet friends more often, for quick chats, drinks or just coffee. Make more friends too :)
- A few little blond blue eyed children running around would be nice, or at least a few furry friends (two kittens or two puppies).
- Travel! There are just far too many gorgeous places I haven't seen or even dreamed about. Like Italy, or the South of France, or Japan. Or even California, Argentina, and Iceland.
- Take a blanket and sit in a quiet grassy spot overlooking the gorgeously dark blue waters of Stockholm and get lost in the pages of a book (or my sketchbook) more often.
- I hope Johan will teach me even more about wine and how to find different flavors and fragrances. I especially hope we can taste our way through travels in Northern Italy and the South of France.
- Fall even more in love...

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Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

the cats laying side by side makes me reminds me of my two cats... I love painting with ink, can't wait to see your "new" projects! I love your artwork.