Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School Catalog cover...

I just got finished with a project I did for a group of High Schools here in Sweden, a school catalog cover which outlines the different courses of study. High school which is called Gymnasiet in Swedish is different from how it is in the States... almost like mini college the way I understand it. Instead of getting just a basic education in all the main school subjects, one chooses a specific route which aims you towards a career. (Like a technical school) So you can choose anything from schools specializing in art and design, or computers, or building, or horses, or anything really. I thought it was challenging enough to decide what I wanted to study after high school when I was 18, I can't imagine how difficult it is to decide when you are just 15 or 16.

The style of this illustration is a little unlike my usual girliness but you my be able to recognize me as the illustrator anyhow. It was fun drawings things like hammers, welding equipment, and computer wires. I am also pretty in love with drawing blocky hand drawn letters. What do you think?

I hope 16 year olds will find it somewhat cool... I did my best. ;)

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