Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You can imagine my delight when I learned my new assignment for Matchbook would be King of Chanel, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. Ooooo how I adored doing some image research for this project. I watched a few interviews, and some documentaries Signe Chanel (a must see for all Chanel obsessed, one becomes even more in love with their quality and handy work) and Lagerfeld Confidential. I also went through hundreds of pages in the Vogue style files to get a better grasp of his personal style. He is so dang quirky, fun, black and white, and chic... totally intimidating!

A few stills from Lagerfeld Confidential...

His neon crisp white bed situated in the center of possibly thousands of books and magazines.

Magazine chaos!

Karl has an insane silver ring collection.

He has drawers full of those signature tall white collars!

Then I got to work. Made a collage of Karl-y things on one of my screens as a super reference.

and a screenshot of my inspiration while I worked on my drawing

My work table. I use the large screen for my inspiration images, and on the small laptop screen I catch up on latest episodes of Gossip Girl or watch favorite movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's.

my first pensil sketch


more detail. sometimes I fall a little in love with my scratchy pencil lines, and it can be tough to see them go at eraser time. This feeling fades instantly of course when I see the final gorgeous perfect black ink lines!

final in ink
The final illustration! So dang chic. Who knew one could use so many shades of black?!

It's of course available in my little Etsy shop too. I wonder who next month shall be?


Beth said...

I love the legacy of Chanel. I think its so interesting how a company/fashion house started by such an independent woman is now run by an equally elegant man. Thanks for sharing your process. I'd love to see more Chanel!

Julie Leah said...

I love the piece you did for Matchbook this month!! So perfect!