Friday, June 3, 2011

Angéline Mélin

Lately I've been introduced to so many different artists and illustrators. It's almost an overload of new inspiration! I've been introduced through my many subscribed blogs and online magazines, as well as through the student art exhibitions I attended last weekend, and through working with clients who suggest other artist's and illustrator's work they are inspired by. So now I have a million new ideas of where I can take EmmaKisstina further, now I just need to sit down and draw draw draw, instead of looking at pretty pictures all day long. (Story of my life!)

So allow me to introduce to you one of these lovely new illustrators (I'll save the others for next week, or next next week, or the week after that... it really is never ending.)

Angéline Mélin a French illustrator with a quirky, chic, signature style. I am just in love with the simple lines, outfits, and bored expressions of her girl's faces. She illustrates these characters for everything from book covers, blogs, to housewares, and clothing. Take a peek, they are so wonderfully Parisian Chic...

Gets me thinking I need to start drawing girls again. I need to come up with my own quirky girly character that I can play dress up with, who can hang around all the gorgeous streets of Stockholm. I might just do that now! Oh plus a hundred other things...

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