Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Excited!

Lately I've been busy working on expanding my brand both on the internet and elsewhere can't tell you yet... but soon. (Oh I'm just fixing to burst!)

I've noticed that I just can't get enough inspiration. I find it in anything and everything but can never have too much. I spend hours each day looking through gorgeous blogs and finding many gorgeous photos which I either favorite in internetland, or save on my desktop in an Inspiration folder. Who knows what I'll do with all these photos... possibly draw something new for my shop, or keep as inspiration for my dream house... or maybe just save to share with you.

So I created a new Flickr group called emmakisstina inspiration. I am hoping all you sweethearts will help to inspire me by posting lots and lots of gorgeous, happy, pretty photos in the group pool. So excited! I already have a handful of members and people have already started to post things. Please join! It shall be just too fun.

What to post you may ask? Well, goodness just about anything. Your newest pair of shoes, your bedroom, a pretty store you discovered, a too gorgeous page from a glossy magazine you just read, your drawings or photographs, or have you purchased a print of mine? how about a photo to show me where it lives!

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