Monday, July 11, 2011


Usually I'm pretty bad at Mondays. I get stuck in Sunday mode, and want to relax all day long, and not think about work until Tuesday, when I usually get my act together. But not today for some reason. Up at 8am (okay maybe 8.30 fine) and just ready to pick up where I finished on Friday. (I didn't work much this weekend, but enjoyed the sunshine on my balcony nearly all day long instead.) Must be because I have soooo many wonderful custom gorgeous projects to finish for wonderfully pleasant positive clients! They've got me all kinds of motivated.

As usual, on Monday morning I wake up to an overload of gorgeous Etsy treasuries featuring my work. These always make me super happy. Click on the links to come to actual Etsy Treasury pages so you can heart all your new favorites :)

Which one do you like best? I would have to say the Girly Pink one, since I'm a super sucker for Pink!


Anonymous said...

That pink one is my fav too. Sometimes I think it's good that I live with my boyfriend because otherwise I would go totally crazy and decorate only with pink and ridiculously girly things!

Unknown said...

haha Anu, me too! But I'm saved since blue is my other favorite color. We got a nice mix of girly and manly in our home.