Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it possible to cough up a lung?

My bf's answer to this question was... "at least you're trying!" Gosh How I hate being sick, even a little sick. I feel just fine except I have a cough attack every 5 minutes and it is constantly tickling in my throat. So irritating! So lets looks at pretty pictures that will cheer me up.

I adore Malin Koort's paper cut works, so whimsical, funny, quirky, and detailed. I was introduced to her work at one of the student exhibitions at the beginning of the summer here in Stockholm, and have been following her blog ever since. She illustrates wonderfully creative children's books with beautiful technique (gorgeous hand painted papers.) I adore all her characters too, especially the little acorn characters. Allow me to introduce you to a few....

Aren't they wonderful?! It must be just too much fun drawing and writing children's stories.

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