Monday, August 1, 2011

A wedding, lots of lace and possibly a ghost...

Our weekend was lovely. What is lovely-er than a pretty friend's pretty wedding and perfect summer weather?! It was fun seeing friends I haven't seen in a while, being out in the country, eating lots of yummy summery meals, listening to funny emotional toasts, and maybe even dancing the night away.


The most exciting part of our stay I must say was our living situation. Quite the conversation starter and cause for an insane amount of laughs the entire evening (we're such city folk, used to hotels with private bathrooms, and other modern amenities). A 'lucky' chunk of the wedding party got to live in this historical 'jewel' Långvinds Herrgården with an opera loving Spinster landlord to keep us company. She had quite the list of rules and regulations for her beloved Herrgård and it was quite the quirky place too....


The front door shall be locked at all times. One may loan a key, but if lost you will be responsible for lock changes on all the doors and this would cost between 6000 to 10000 sek. There was no door bell, only a rather large cow bell.
Doesn't matter if you loose your room key as all keys open all room doors. (huh? why bother having a lock then?)
The rooms didn't have numbers. Pretty much have to guess which is which. (Our room was supposedly to the north, which way is north?! Must I use a compass?)
No shoes worn inside, due to Bird Flu troubles. (huh?)
No moving of furniture, she would know, and it would destroy the historical floors. (There was definitely no lack of furniture all rooms and hallways were packed with sofas, beds, tables, and old junk... and everything already seemed damaged beyond repair)
If you want to learn more about the building and the furniture and antiquities it holds you must go on a guided tour for a fee of course.
No drunkenness. haha
One may only use the bathroom on their side of the house. And there was only two.
Some people had to go through another person's room to get to their room. (how private haha)
Oh and there were claims of ghosts in a few of the rooms. boo








Happy Monday!

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