Thursday, September 29, 2011


What happened to this week? It's already Thursday! Time goes by so fast. But I've been busy busy with lots of fun stuff. Things I can't share just yet, like, custom illustrations, collaborations, and other top secret projects. (This must be getting boring... all these secrets... but I promise I can share soonish)

September has been a wonderful Etsy month for me. Lots of new customers! My 1000 sales goal by New Year has almost been filled and there are still 3 months left! So proud. Big thanks!

As a little gift to myself, I bought a Fifi Lapin print. I've been coveting the stylish bunny's work for years but never purchased a print of my own... but when I saw this one in the Fifi Lapin Pop up shop it was just made to be. Can you say pink!!!

So incredibly cute! Wonder what the boyfriend is going to think of it? Think I'll place it framed on my dressing table. I'll keep all the pink on my side of the bedroom. hehe

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