Thursday, September 22, 2011

Interview in English

As requested by my best friend... enjoy!

1. Can you tell us about what inspires you?Everything and anything possible! Other girls and other artists inspires me most. I read tons and tons of blogs and think it's an important part of my day. I always start the day by checking my blog list for lots of inspiration, nice apartments, shoes, outfits, flowers, clothes, and other's art. I have found a whole world of girls on the net that have the same aesthetics and style as me. It's hard not to be inspired!
2. Where does your interest in fashion from?Must have come from my mom, but dad, too. We grew up in Maine where people are very casual, lots of jeans, they're fleece people. My mother was always wearing nice blouses, skirts, silk scarves, gold earrings and red lipstick too of course, even just to go shopping for food. Dad had always perfectly polished shoes, and was very picky about what he put on. I think that I have gone the same route.When I wore a skirt and high heels one day to school my classmates would always comment: "Are you going to a party after school?" No, I just want to be nice, I said!
3. The designs on your artwork, it's products you have or working for?I own absolutely nothing of what I illustrate, in fact not a single designer item. Strange! But I draw things I dream about ... and know that other girls dream about, too. I'm too practical to be shopaholic, it's both better and cheaper to just draw all the pretty things.
4. What makes Stockholm your favorite city?Stockholm is perfect for me. Large enough so that you can still discover things all the time, but not too big so that you feel overwhelmed. It is also near the water and the country so you can breathe a little. And lots of real culture! Old buildings, museums, festivals, good food, and lots of art ... everything that I love!
5. What made you move from the U.S.?Many reasons. Many friends went on their own world adventures, Florida was too hot, there were no jobs, I needed a change of scenery and had always wanted to try out life in Sweden. There's quite a lot I do not like with the U.S., but I'm actually a little nostalgic for the U.S. now after a few years in exile. I miss going to Little League matches as we did in Maine, or drive my car in Florida where the roads are lined with palm trees.
6. Which seems like your homeland, Sweden or the USA?Difficult question. Sweden was a big part of our life when I was growing up. We celebrated Swedish traditions, and my parents had mostly European friends. Sweden and the United States feel equally my homeland, but I feel neither Swedish or American, but something in between.
7. Do you have any future exciting projects?I will launch a collection very soon! Don't want to say what kind of collection, but it's super exciting, and includes plenty of new illustrations. I dream of lots of future fun projects and collaborations. I would like to begin designing fabrics and wallpapers with my illustrations, I think it would suit my style.
8. What would you like to communicate with your illustrations? Who do you want to buy them?I want to convey that pretty things are not just superficial. The things we have around us tell us who we are, what we like, and make us happy. Think it's important to be happy! I want everyone to buy them, girls like me who only dream, housewives, fashionistas, tweens, ladies. I think I draw pictures that are timeless, classic, and for all ages.
9. Do you have all your designs hanging in your home?Actually, no. But one in every room of the apartment. On the walls there are also many photos that my boyfriend took, drawings I did in college, and I like to buy prints of other artists I admire. We have over 40 paintings in our little two room apartment!
10. I have two motives, my boyfriend really likes the Hermes tray. He is however doubtful that I should buy even more because it's so very girly:) Have you ever considered  illustrating more male products and brands?Haha! Girls are my thing so I will definitely not stop drawing girly things. But I get many comments from other girls that would buy up all my illustration if they weren't so that their guy would feel so uncomfortable with my style. So I'm working on illustrating a little more neutral things that would fit in the kitchen or the living room for the girls with friends. I can not promise manly, but maybe metrosexual is good enough!

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Jamie said...

Great interview! I would love to see your plans for the wall paper line. I'm shopping around for some for my kitchen!

Also, the palm trees miss you too!