Friday, October 14, 2011

Hermes Silk Scarves

Back to scarves! Can't help myself. I truly believe there is a scarf revival going on. Don't you?

When designing my own collection I of course did a little research first. Research into the King of scarf making, Hermes of course. I in by no means can compete or reach the same level of craftsmanship but at least I can try.

As apposed to my scarves which are digitally printed allowing any and all colors printed for a digital file, Hermes scarves are screen printed with natural dies, up to 8 colors on each scarf. Each color layer has to set for 40 hours before the next layer of color can be applied. (Now you know why their scarfs cost a small fortune) All the designs are drawn for hand as well. Amazing! I know myself how long it takes, and their designs are even more intricate.

I would just die of happiness if I could one day visit their studio but living vicariously through pictures works for now.

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