Monday, October 24, 2011

Nigella and Drawing

I can't think of anything more wonderfully pleasurable than drawing and watching cooking shows. At the moment I'm having a bit of a Nigella kick. I've watched countless hours of Nigella's different 'cookery' shows, as one says in British English, while working on a few different projects and my first design for my future second scarf collection this weekend. I love her un-snobby all in fashion of cooking and her literary adjective rich descriptions... I think she's been improving my vocabulary!

Though I can also just sit in silence while drawing, I prefer watching something, to keep me company I suppose. I don't even usually pay attention fully... it doesn't matter.

Here are a few Nigella recipes I've been tempted to try...

Pepper-Seared Tuna

Chilled caramelized oranges with greek yoghurt

Cambodian hot and sour beef salad

I'm not sure if I've made my obsession with food apparent as of yet, but I seriously am obsessed.


jane´s dreams said...

hi, thanks for your visit to my blog.

I simply love, love love all your illustrations, so cute, inspiring and innovative, also the coloring is so unique. Beautiful!

All the best!
mvh J♥

emmakisstina said...

Thanks so much again!