Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Malin...

 Hello Monday!

I had a lovely weekend. What did I do? Finished reading a wonderfully disturbing crime novel by Tess Gerritsen, bought a bubblegum pink sweater which makes me just too happy, and enjoyed a few warm fall feeling meals.

I also finished up a wonderful collaboration with Swedish blogger Malin Richardson. Malin aka Mogi has a very popular fashion lifestyle blog with just about a gagillion readers. I was more than flattered that she was interested in a new illustrated header for her blog. She is just too pretty, super quirky goofy, has impecable taste, and perfect hair.

We worked on a few versions before we decided on the perfect one.

I started with two sketches

She liked this one more... me too

This is how it started out...

I was partial to the purple...

But the final version turned out really gorgeous and warm. I think we're both pleased.

Read her blog post here...  Thanks again Malin it was a pleasure working with you!

Another fabulous new week. Let's go!

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