Monday, November 28, 2011

First of Advent

Yesterday was the first of advent. I love that it is officially Christmas and we can finally put up all of our decorations and lights. Everyone in Sweden has an advent star or light in their window, brightening the darkness! woo hoo it's so cozy and wonderfully gorgeous. I love it!

Boyfriend and I bought our first traditional advent light for our living room window too. Plus we put up our advent star and the few Christmas decorations we own (Santa pants, and a few glittery slippers in our rosemary/xmas tree.) Boyfriend even bought me a poinsettia!





Oh and then I finally got my pretty in pink Fifi Lapin framed and placed on my mini dressing table.




Pretty huh?


Linnea said...

you have a very beautiful blog and very nice photos! I love it!
what conection do you have to Sweden? :-)

emmakisstina said...

Thanks Linnea! I am Swedish and I live in Sweden, hehe. I write in English because it's my first language and I grew up in the States :)