Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Matchbook November!

It just occurred to me that it's already November and the holidays are already in swing! All kinds of Christmas decorations and candy are for sale in the stores. A huge Christmas tree was just installed in our little neighborhood city center (Can't wait until they get some twinkle lights up on it!!!) and it gets really dark really early (people who've never lived in Nordic countries probably can't grasp this concept... it's so strange, and wonderfully romantic and cozy... I love it though many get depressed this time of year.)

Oh and then the latest issue of Matchbook was released, with tons of seasonal and holiday goodness. I really feel like celebrating Thanksgiving with family, cozying up with warm blankets and hot tea, and Christmas shopping too of course!

I really loved this issue! Already read it from cover to cover... and you should too.

Oh and this month's 'What's in my bag?' illustration featured the iconic glamourous Old Hollywood Starlet Marilyn Monroe! You can find her in my shop :)

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