Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Textile Design Video

I'm really getting into textil designing! It really is just too fun and challenging. Working out patterns, compositions, and all the spacial relations, not to mention drawing it, takes a lot of time and patience (good thing I have a lot of both!) As of yet I haven't worked on any repeat patterns (In collection 2, as well as scarves I'd like to design some fabrics by the yard that can be transformed into gorgeous wearable creations...) Creating repeat patterns seems like a huge challenge! Lots and lots of brain gymnastics going to be at work to help me design these... and of course a lot of help from my friend the computer!

I hope you loved the sneak peek of the new scarf illustrations I'm working on. So glad I don't have to keep them a secret if I don't want to.

Looking at other textile designers works is just as enjoyable as creating own designs. This video is very inspiring. In love with the kimono textile designs!!!

Andrea Aranow Textile Archive from Aaron Rayburn on Vimeo.

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