Monday, December 12, 2011

Östermalm, sigh

Yay it's Monday and I'm finally feeling back to normal. Thank goodness. Phew. Oh and I hope you haven't been worrying too much, haha wink! My weekend was wonderfully relaxed, long and cozy. Not much happened... some really good food, some family visiting, a bubble bath, lots of reading, just a little work, and plenty of lolly-gaging on the internet. Perfection really!

The only thing a little off this weekend was that we didn't get the regular house/apartment for sale section. Boo! So I therefore couldn't torture myself with dream house hunting. (My favorite saturday morning activity, it so happens.) Gosh!

So I had to go directly to the source... 

Oh and look what I found! I just adore this extremely expensive apartment located in the fancy snobby area of Stockholm, Östermalm. Love of course the frilly moulding details but even the light gray orange color scheme. It is really really chic. I could move in today if I had millions to pay for it. Another sigh.


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