Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lately I've been obsessed with learning more about Japanese food. I'm drawn to the simple tastes and the gorgeousness of the presentations. I've read through several Japanese cookbooks, explored Japanese cooking websites and menus to get ideas (trying to learn the most authentic menu items as possible). So to get this out of my system I prepared a Japanese meal the other night, complete with Sake of course. I think it looks gorgeous, and it tasted delicious and simple.










Sashimi of salmon and scallops, seaweed salad, onigiri rice rounds with nori, cold soba noodles and dip sauce, nori seasoned with sesame oil sesame seeds and chili flakes, shaved daikon radish, and marinated silken tofu.


Julia said...

i just started reading your blog after seeing you in matchbook and love that you cover all my favorite topics: travel, style, design, and! i am so intimidated by the idea of cooking a japanese meal (i'm nervous i wouldn't be able to find sushi-grade fish), so i'm very very impressed! was it difficult getting the rolls to stay together?

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, and found me through the glorious Matchbook too! I suppose I am spoiled with great fish in Sweden but as long as you flash freeze the fish before you will be fine. Rolling sushi is just too easy, I don't even use a bamboo mat. The nori sticks wonderfully with just a little brush of water. Don't be afraid to try! xoxo