Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When I went to visit my Grandmother before Christmas an unfortunate thing happened (I don't think I've told you)... my travel bag was stolen on the train. A real pain in the bootie actually! I didn't have anything particularly valuable packed, no money, jewelry, computer, phone etc, so that was a relief, plus I'd only packed one cheap H&M dress and a few pairs of underoos, so no biggie but I did have 10 (TEN!!!) of my new gorgeous silk scarves with me. Blah! so annoying. I just wanted to show them off to my Grandmother, sad face :(  But I've contacted my insurance company and I will of course be compensated... so that's that.

On to another thing that was annoying was loosing my entire makeup bag. All my favorite brushes and liners and powders gone. The way I'm trying to see it is... they were probably all out dated and needed to be replaced anyhow. Good thing shopping for makeup is super fun!

I decided to try something new, why not! A fresh start! Mineral makeup is what I choose to test out... oh gosh and I'm obsessed! It looks just deliciously gorgeous and natural and perfect on my skin. I hate the feeling of traditional foundation so this is just perfect. Why did I not try this before? It took something as awful as getting my bag stolen... haha should have happened earlier... not.

These images and products are from Etsy seller Beneficial Minerals ( I've sent after the top three eyeshadows... pretty colors huh?) I can't wait to test them out, hope they look as gorgeous as I'm imaging they will. The other mineral makeup, foundation/bronzer etc I tested was purchased at The Body Shop. I highly recommend!

I also found a wonderful skin care line that my skin is just loving. I won't go into that right now, don't want to completely bore you. hehe

Gosh I sound like an infomercial, blah.

UPDATE!!! Just to let you know I cancelled my order with Etsy seller Beneficial Minerals. My order was never processed and my 4 emails and etsy convos went unanswered for months. The only thing which went smoothly was getting my money back. I do not recommend purchasing from this seller. Sorry.


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