Thursday, February 2, 2012

Introverted, not so bad

I am such an introvert. Working from home doesn't help the situation much. I must admit that being shy and introverted my entire childhood was something I hated about myself and really struggled to get over. The shyness went away thankfully sometime in college, (just grew out of it I guess). Now I have no problem talking to strangers or speaking in front of a crowd etc. Before I hated the feeling of getting rosy cheeks whenever someone asked me the simplest of questions, or in ballet class when asked to perform infront of the class I'd turn into a nervous reck or just give up... if only I'd been a show off, le sigh.

But now I see the perks of being an introvert, and don't put pressure on myself to be someone who I'm not. So cheesy, geez. This blog article also made me feel great about being introverted, and sparked this rant today.

I love doing things by myself. Me, myself and I get along really well. We enjoy quietly reading blogs for hours or the pages of a book, baking, or exploring the city. Working for myself is a dream! I'm lucky though that I'm not alone, I share my life with my delicious boyfriend (but we feel more like one, gosh more cheese.) I think I'd be very lonely with out him. Though loneliness is a different thing all together. One on one situations are much more preferable, I just can't get my voice heard in a crowd. And because there is always an exception to every rule (especially with me, not a big fan of rules) I am of course going to be very social this evening. Meeting up with a handful of lovely new smart gorgeous lady friends for some yummy glasses of wine and hopefully some delicious tapas.

So cheers to all you other introverts today... let's look at some quiet gorgeous book photography and be content.

The Matisse Stories

Afternoon in Bed

A Simple Heart



The Widow's Children

Was She Pretty

BTW I was just introduced to this amazing photographer, Juliette Tang, today by a newly introduced blogger Miss Little Lime.


lacoquettedelamode said...

I used to get so shy just talking to people I wasn't CLOSE friends with where I would blush and stammer... now I realize that all the time I spent on my own was actually beneficial! Now I know how to be happy when I am completely alone, and I read alot of books in the meantime :)

XX Kathryn

Whitney Kaye said...

I am obsessed with your etsy shop and included it in a post on my blog.

Unknown said...

I feel the same way Kathryn. I go a bit crazy if I don't get alone time. Like when one has visiters and has to come up with things to do all the time, and entertain. :)

and thanks so much Whitney!

Beth said...

love the book photography. Your book illustrations are so gorgeously infleunced