Monday, February 13, 2012

My Weekend

I had a lovely weekend. Like, really lovely. The way weekends should be. Saturday was spent first with my lovely Aunt. We got up early to renew out passports (my new picture is rather acceptable, why aren't you allowed to look happy in id photos?) Then we went on little adventures through Stockholm until I met up with the boyfriend in the late afternoon. Amazing how much one can experience in a day, if one just gets up early. ha ha

First stop was at a wonderful French bakery, Petite France, to warm up after being out in the serious cold. We enjoyed warm coffee, pain au chocolat, and preciously perfect french macarons... as well as the amazingly delicious scent of freshly baked baguettes. We'd both never been before to this French cafe, and decided we must explore Kungsholmen more often... a part of Stockholm that I very rarely visit.

Then we gave our eyes a dose of eye-candy in the form of visiting Stockholm's auction house, Auktionsverket, collection of vintage name brand fashion and accessories. It's all being auctioned off next week! Major fun being able to touch and try on gorgeous vintage items by Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, etc. Not very often I come in contact with such luxurious items... unfortunately my wallet does allow me to place any bids (at least not this year.)

A few gorgeous things being auctioned. see the entire collection here...

Then we just had to go visit the newly renovated Svenskt Tenn, just around the corner. The store looks even more gorgeous, open and airy. Plus they now serve afternoon tea here, how fabulous is not that! I am sooo soo sooooo inspired by Josef Frank's designs.

My favorite part of the boutique are the original sketches and patterns drawn by Josef Frank himself hanging on the walls. I think I could spend hours looking at them! I must make more patterns now now now!!!

Eye candy makes one really really hungry so it was of course time for lunch. Dumplings are super popular in Stockholm at this minute so we had to go test them out at Beijing 8 on Kocksgatan. They were simply delicious, I understand why there is so much fuss. Though I must confess I much prefer making dumplings myself.

Saturday was now nearly half way over, time to meet up with my wonderful boyfriend to plan dinner. As usual we went shopping for ingredients at our favorite grocery store and spent the rest of Saturday evening cooking, sipping red wine, and enjoying each others company. No photographic evidence of our meal unfortunately. But I assure you it was delicious!

Then came a calm, quiet Sunday. Just perfect!

Happy Monday!

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