Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flattery will get you everywhere...

Yesterday just before I was about to shut down my computer for some quality Friday evening cuddle tv time with the boyfriend I got a wonderful mail from Katie Hommes, a blogger/journalism major who had interviewed me (and even Johan too) the week before. I was so pleased to hear that her article was now complete and had hit the virtual news stands. 

I think this is the most intimate, happy, flattering, funny interview/feature I've ever done. It just put a huge smile on my face! and I hope it will make you smile or at least giggle a bit. I'm so glad that Johan was willing to take part too, fun to hear his side of things. The article seems pretty sugar coated, but I really do kind of live in a land or rainbows and unicorns... I just allow myself to be happy.

Here is a little exert but I hope you'll read the entire thing...

Thanks so much Katie for a really wonderful article!

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