Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm a foodie, we already know this. Old news, who cares? Well I found this rather old list floating through the internet '100 Food's to Try before you Die' and of course was really curious as to how many I've tried. The average for Americans is 20, I've tried 65. I find the list not to be too adventurous and there are many questionable items such as Frito Pie (huh?) but it's fun anyhow.

I've crossed out the foods I've already tried, 65 total, go me! and I'd be happy to try many of the others on the list as well. I few are really high on my list of things I just must try, such as sea urchin. Just have to travel a bit more and keep my eyes peeled for these items at markets and on menus. There are a few that I will not try however (under no circumstances), but only 2-3 items make that list. Just 42 foods to go!

How many have you eaten?

1. Abalone I really want to try someday and geoduck too!
2. Absinthe Who cares?
3. Alligator  Lived in Florida, it was deep fried and really chewy
4. Baba Ghanoush Yummy roasted eggplant dip
5. Bagel & Lox Delicious, especially with capers and red onions
6. Baklava Worked in a Greek restaurant for 4 years
7. BBQ Ribs Love love love bbq ribs!
8. Bellini Gonna have to go to Italy one day
9. Birds Nest Soup When will I ever try this? or afford to?
10. Biscuits & Gravy gross!
11. Black Pudding not that gross but not so yumma either
12. Black Truffle Amazing! hope to enjoy more truffle in the future
13. Borscht  yum
14. Calamari double yum
15. Carp Why not? just a fish, I'll have to go to Poland one day
16. Caviar But of course, had some on my perfectly medium boiled egg for breakfast this morning.
17. Cheese Fondue Whatever
18. Chicken & Waffles Why would I ever want this?
19. Chicken Tikka Masala Yummy!
20. Chile Relleno I'll try it in Mexico one day
21. Chitlins I think I'll skip this one, not too fond of the poop shoot idea
22. Churros yummy!
23. Clam Chowder  I grew up in New England so, duh
24. Cognac  I feel so sophisticated
25. Crab Cakes The non overly breadcrumb filled type
26. Crickets Sure I'll try them
27. Currywurst With curry ketchup, the only ketchup I'll consider trying
28. Dandelion Wine What's this?
29. Dulce De Leche Yes please!
30. Durian I've only tried in cookie form, so that doesn't count
31. Eel Don't really like, too oily
32. Eggs Benedict whatever
33. Fish Tacos Yummy
34. Foie Gras Love love love foie gras, so wrong
35. Fresh Spring Rolls Vietnamese loveliness
36. Fried Catfish Sure
37. Fried Green Tomatoes  So strange, and so good
38. Fried Plantain I prefer the soft sweet plantains
39. Frito Pie Why would I want to eat this?
40. Frogs' Legs Had the chance but wimped out, had snails though
41. Fugu Don't like the risk of dying, so I'll pass
42. Funnel Cake greasy
43. Gazpacho  perfect summer food
44. Goat why yes, curried goat of course
45. Goat's Milk  Goat's cheeses, many types
46. Goulash perfect winter food
47. Gumbo Had Daddy's, but must go to Louisiana one day
48. Haggis Visited Scotland, yuck
49. Head Cheese looks kind of yummy, I like pate so I must like this.
50. Heirloom Tomatoes Make a gorgeous tomato salad
51. Honeycomb Yum!
52. Hostess Fruit Pie Gross!
53. Huevos Rancheros Whatever
54. Jerk Chicken Love spicy, Daddy's bff is Jamaican
55. Kangaroo Gonna have to go to Australia, I've had Ostrich though
56. Key Lime Pie Been to the Keys :)
57. Kobe Beef I wonder when I'll be able to afford trying this?
58. Lassi Not really fond of milky/yogurty drinks
59. Lobster Grew up in Maine, so duh, at one time Lobster was cheaper than ground beef
60. Mimosa  whatever, Plain Champagne is must nicer
61. Moon Pie  I feel like I have
62. Morel Mushrooms Delicious, and thankfully haven't died
63. Nettle Tea What's this?
64. Octopus Love love love
65. Oxtail Soup Someday I'm sure
66. Paella So Gorgeous!
67. Paneer Forget what this is?
68. Pastrami on Rye Whatever
69. Pavlova May be one of my favorite desserts, especially with fresh berries 
70. Phaal Next time I'm in London
71. Philly Cheese Steak Gross
72. Pho Love love love Pho!!!
73. Pineapple & Cottage Cheese  Sure, but pineapple makes my tongue itch a bit
74. Pistachio Ice Cream Lovely
75. Po' Boy  Whatever
76. Pocky So cute
77. Polenta I want to try soon, make a huge Italian dinner with a polenta side dish
78. Prickly Pear wasn't so tasty
79. Rabbit Stew Sure, someday
80. Raw Oysters I think I'm a little bit obsessed with raw oysters
81. Root Beer Float I will absolutely never ever try this!!!
82. S'mores I love roasting marshmallows 
83. Sauerkraut Strangely yummy
84. Sea Urchin I really really really want to try this soon!
85. Shark Sure
86. Snail Good with lots of garlic, just like clams
87. Snake Sure
88. Soft Shell Crab Kind of strange, but all crab is tasty
89. Som Tam Seems yummy, must go to Thailand one day!
90. Spaetzle  My old boss was obsessed. Fun to make
91. Spam Unfortunately
92. Squirrel When would I ever eat squirrel?
93. Steak Tartare I've only had this lightly seared, shall have to try all the way raw one day. Almost counts!
94. Sweet Potato Fries I just adore sweet potatoes in all of it's forms
95. Sweetbreads A few times, kind of nice, kind of not
96. Tom Yum Super Yum
97. Umeboshi Those little dried pickled Japanese plums, rather yucky, ew!
98. Venison and Caribou and Moose and Reindeer
99. Wasabi Peas I love wasabi!
100. Zucchini Flowers How have I missed these? Maybe this summer filled with fresh cheese

Happy Monday!

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