Monday, April 16, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I like Sundays! It's the one day I don't stress about having to force myself to work. (I usually still work on something anyhow... but sometimes I allow myself the day off, aren't I nice?) This Sunday started off with just a pinch of work and then a lot of relaxing, yummy fun food, and a quick trip into town.

Started the day off with Star Wars pancakes! My gift to the boyfriend from the States. 

Took pictures of our pretty yellow and red tulips

We bought a new Spring-y table runner in town. I love it! All my favorite colors.

We enjoyed a yummy afternoon teatime. Though Swedes don't know how to make bagels. (I threw my half away!)

I bought my first ever jar of Marmite, at the English Shoppe.  I love it actually, so strange.

Got to show off my new toy, bought in the States as well. A Nook! I'm obsessed.

and I must confess that I too am reading the Hunger Games, gosh I'm such a sucker! Reading in Swedish though ;)

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Karen said...

I love those Star Wars pancake forms (is that how you call them?). And the Hunger Games are good. I really like the books.