Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Momma... I love you!

My tiny Mother Agneta on the right, and her best friend and my 2nd Mom Bonnie on the left. Love them!

I unfortunately don't get to celebrate with my sweet little Mother today as we live thousands and thousands of miles apart, sad face, but we may be able to Skype chat which is a rather lovely alternative. Good news is that she is coming to visit me in Sweden this summer, double yay! I can treat her to lunch and yummy sweets and lots of hugs then. She hasn't been home to Sweden in 8 years, isn't that just insane? (Stupid American pretty much non existent paid vacation time, and low paying government jobs, blah.)

I just can't wait to show her where I live and work, and do my regular errands (going to the post office, print shop and the grocery store is pretty much all I do.) I also can't wait to show her my Stockholm. She has lived here (a gagillion years ago) but so much has changed, though it is of course still gorgeous. I hope to be able to show her why I'm so in love with this city, and why I'm going to stay here forever and ever.

Have a great Mother's day!

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