Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paris Day 3 & 4

Oh Paris just got better and better as we finally figured out the rather complex subway system and the ways of the French people. Such as the French when checking out at the grocery store would have to pack all of their items first and then pay! In very efficient Sweden we pay first and then pack so that the next customer can start their transaction and checking out goes much quicker. The subway is a bit insane in Paris too. There are about a million different lines and connections a few steps up or a few steps down and arrows pointing in all directions. The underground world must look like an ant farm. (Some of these things I just don't remember from my first time in the city, I must have been in some sort of Paris daze.)

I also didn't understand the Frenchies and their thick winter coats and knitted scarves in the 80 degree heat! I was seriously melting in my minimal airy summer dresses. I suppose I really am a Swede and more used to being cold.

On Saturday we also celebrated our 3.5 year anniversary. We usually don't celebrate half year marks but when in Paris any excuse for a fancy bottle of Champagne is a good excuse. Don't you think?!

This is how our two last days, 3 and 4, looked like in Paris... sigh

The day started at the Louvre. We didn't go inside, just stood in awe of it's hugeness!
Wore a pretty white dress for our 3.5 anniversary day
Boyfriend looked nice too. 

I'm sure you can see how bright and hot is was. We had several cold water bottles with us at all times.
Paris may have the prettiest parks in the world!
Cafe lunch time in the city.
Filling salads and refreshing wheat beer with a lemon slice. (I don't really like beer but I love this!)
Since bf is a huge wine dork, we visited countless wine stores. Here we bought a lovely bottle of aged Champagne.

Anniversary Champagne picnic time

Lots of yumminess we bought at Monoprix
Champagne and a lemon tart, yummmy!
The world's most delicious giant chewy pistachio french macaron. Died of happiness!
There were a gagillion other people in the park having picnics waiting for the Eiffel tower to twinkle.
Twinkle Time!!! The crowd ooo'd and awww'd
So romantical, and a perfect end to our anniversary day, day 3.
And then it was our last day in Paris :(
We had planned to do a little shopping, but most stores are closed on Sunday, we found out.
So we went exploring in the Marais and Bastille neighborhoods
Thought this store was very EmmaKisstina, hehe
Chanel 31 Rue du Cambon... where it all began
Printemps may be the most gorgeous department store ever!
Laduree was open at least! The most gorgeous (expensive) pastries and macarons I've ever seen.
They also have the cutest paper goods, candles, and small accessories too. One of each please!
We of course had to get a few. Cherry Blossom, Lemon, Liquorice, Salted Caramel, Violet Cassis, and Rose.
They were all delicious, and disappeared in just minutes.
And then our long weekend in Paris was over. Bittersweet...


Sarah said...

I am swooning over your photos. I've never been to Paris, but it's on my bucket list!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed our photos. Paris is an amazing city (Stockholm too) you should definitely go one day! xo

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

im sooo dreaming of going there! :))


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my pictures Jen! If you've never been to Paris, you truly must just go. It is just an amazing city. xo