Friday, June 15, 2012

Back it Up

I did something insanely stupid.

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I nearly deleted all of my most important files when transferring data from my old laptop to my new computer... my EmmaKisstina illustration files. I nearly had a heart attack the other night when I noticed that they were no where to be found on my new hard drive, and I had just erased my external hard drive of all files.

Thankfully I had backed up my files a few months ago on my boyfriend's external hard drive as well, otherwise I would have been royally screwed. Goodness me! So I've only lost a handful of finished illustrations. I have the original inked scan files, so I just have to take the time to re-color them all again, boo.

I have definitely learned my lesson, and will continue to back up my illustrations and other files all the time and in several places, as well as triple check that I save items properly.

Phew that was close!

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